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Unique Aerial Yoga Accessories



Unique Aerial Yoga Accessories

If you love aerial yoga and have your own yoga swing at home, you’re probably looking for new tricks, accessories and apparatus to use to improve your technique. When it comes to aerial yoga accessories, there are loads of unique and interesting items available to choose from!

When you’re wanting to integrate some mat yoga or floor work into your aerial workouts, or you need to stretch a particular area of your body, there’s something on this list for you.

So, without further delay, here is a list of awesome accessories to help you step-up your aerial yoga game! Enjoy!

1. Yoga Swing Hanging Ladder

Why stop at a hammock, swing or trapeze when you can have a hanging ladder?! Use this ladder with your existing hardware and rigging to expand on the versatility of your aerial yoga skills.

You can use the rungs on the hanging ladder to make some really cool shapes:

If you need some extra padding and comfort in your yoga swing to perform more advanced poses, try a cushion insert for your swing.

These cushion inserts are a very simple design, you slide the cushion length-ways into your swing, fold it over at the sides and you’re ready to comfortably swing!

They’re great value at $25 and there’s a choice of 5 colours!

The Yoga Wheel is the ultimate apparatus for anyone trying to improve their back bends. There’s also loads of other poses and stretches you can perform using the Yoga Wheel. A high quality one like this from UpCircleSeven can support 500lbs+ so you can be confident it will support your weight.

Aerial Yoga Accessories to help you up your game

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4. Extra Large Yoga Mat

If you find yourself wanting to stretch out more than a regular mat allows, this extra large yoga mat could be the answer to your floorwork troubles!

At 72″ x 48″ – it’s practically double the size of a regular yoga mat and it’s really thick and padded. That means it’s great for using outdoors too. Alternatively, use this beneath your yoga swing for added support.

Need a neck adjustment when you’re out and about? Look no further! Neck pain is the root cause of millions of headaches and migraines every day. It’s not the only cause of headaches, but it is a big contributor!

Having access to a chiropractor or aerial yoga stand can help – but they’re not always available on demand if you’re out and about at work, etc.

This portable device allows you to adjust and stretch your neck. You can use it at home, when travelling or at work.

Ready to buy your very own aerial yoga hammock for use at home? You’ve come to the right place to read reviews about the best yoga swings and inversion tools currently on the market!

Aerial yoga, or anti-gravity yoga, is a relatively new form of yoga that involves a metal frame or rig on the ceiling supporting an aerial yoga hammock, or silk. Practitioners can use the hammock like a swing, gently bending forward or backwards, or engaging in more advanced yoga postures, much the way trapeze performers in the sky engage in acrobatic spinning maneuvers.

Some studios offer aerial yoga, but you can do aerial yoga at home if you’re motivated and have the right gear. The best yoga swings and aerial inversion tools are fairly easy to purchase and set up.

Where can you buy aerial hoop? Yoga shops and sporting goods stores may have one or two swings available, but Amazon is the best place to find the biggest variety of options. Read on for our top recommendations for yoga swings and trapeze products!

Aerial yoga is said to help open the hips and relieve back pain or tightness. Of course, it can also serve simply as a way to provide some variety to your yoga practice and to help you expand your horizons by trying out some basic moves.

“Anti-gravity” is just a fancy way of saying aerial. It means that you’re doing yoga moves off the ground. The equipment goes by many different names – you’ll hear terms like hanging yoga, hanging ropes, anti gravity yoga hammocks, inversion tools, trapeze stands, gravity swing inversion tools, and pull up bars.

Generally, these terms are all referring to different pieces that work together as part of an aerial rig. Don’t be confused by the term “silk” – that’s just another word for an aerial yoga hammock, regardless of whether it’s really made from silk (most are not.)

Ready to try aerial yoga at home? Most people do aerial yoga in a large room or door frame. You could even do it in a garage or outdoors in the yard by hanging it from a tree branch. If you’re curious about giving anti-gravity yoga a try in your house, these are the some of the best yoga swings you s

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