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Water Treatment Anodes suppliers

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Customized MMO Mesh DSA Coated Rod Titanium Battery Anode Electrode for seawater saltwater
Electrochlorination Water Treatment and Swimming pool disinfection system
* Superconductivity
* Easy installation
* Low maintain cost
* Various size for choice
* Stable and Economy
MMO anode can be used effectively in all types of environments, such as directly buried in soil, fresh water and salt
water. There are two types of catalyst, one is iridium-tantalum system which typically used for soil and fresh water,
and the other adding ruthenium into iridium-tantalum formulation for salt water application. The recommended
current density in soil, coke breeze, fresh water is 100Amps/m2 and in salt water is 600Amps/m2.

Solid Rod Anode:
The rod anodes always assembled with junction box with a mounting thread to protect the tanks or vessels.
Part NumberDiameterLength
YX-MMO-R16mmUp to 1500mm
YX-MMO-R212mmUp to 1500mm
YX-MMO-R316mmUp to 1500mm
YX-MMO-R420mmUp to 1500mm
Customized size is available upon on request
Tubular Anode:
Tubular type is the most common MMO anodes used in cathodic protection, the titanium hollow tubes conforms to ASTM B338 grade I standard. This type of anodes always made in strings consisting several pieces of MMO tubes used for deep well cathodic protection system. The cable type and size can be XLPE/PVC, HMWPE, Kynar/HMWPE, etc. from 6sqmm (10AWG) to 35mmsqmm (2AWG).
Part NumberDimensionCurrent DensityCurrent OutputDesign Life
YX-MMO-T116mm dia. X 500mm100Amps/m22.5 Amps in soil20 Years
600Amps/m215 Amps in seawater20 Years
YX-MMO-T216mm dia. X 1000mm100Amps/m25 Amps in soil20 Years
600Amps/m230 Amps in seawater20 Years
YX-MMO-T319mm dia. X 500mm100Amps/m23 Amps in soil20 Years
600Amps/m215 Amps in seawater20 Years
YX-MMO-T419mm dia. X 1000mm100Amps/m26 Amps in soil20 Years
600Amps/m232.5 Amps in seawater20 Years
YX-MMO-T525mm dia. X 500mm100Amps/m24 Amps in soil20 Years
600Amps/m223.5 Amps in seawater20 Years
YX-MMO-T625mm dia. X 1000mm100Amps/m28 Amps in soil20 Years
600Amps/m248Amps in seawater20 Years
YX-MMO-T732mm dia. X 500mm100Amps/m25 Amps in soil20 Years
600Amps/m230 Amps in seawater20 Years
YX-MMO-T832mm dia. X 1000mm100Amps/m2
20 Years
20 Years
YX-MMO-T932mm dia. X 1220mm100Amps/m2
20 Years
20 Years
Cable Connection
String anode for deep well application:
Anode dimensione.g. 25mm x 1000mm
Applicatione.g. soil
Number of anodee.g. 5nos.
Spacinge.g. 1000mm
Head cablee.g. 15meters
Cablee.g. Kynar/HMWPE
Centralizere.g. 150mm
Canister MMO Anode:
Anode dimension e.g. 25mm x 1000mm
Application e.g. soil
Head cable e.g. 15meters
Cable e.g. Kynar/HMWPE
Canister size e.g. 150mm x 1500mm
Ribbon Anode:
Howah’s MMO ribbon anodes are manufactured using titanium substrate which meets ASTM B265 Grade 1 Standard and coated with Mixed Metal Oxide ( Ir/Ta).

Nominal Specification:.
Std coil length152.4meters
Std coil weight2.8kgs
Current output in fine sand42mA/meter
Design life50 Years
Titanium Conductor Bar:
Std coil length152.4meters
Std coil weight7.8kgs
SubstrateASTM B265 Grade I
Design life50 Years
ASTM B843-1995,GB/T21448-2008,GB/T17731-2009
Quality Control in our foundry begins on the foundry floor, where the first line of inspection is the casting and
molding crew, our lab technicians inspectors and managers completes the quality team. Our quality control staff
carefully monitors raw material, core materials,packaging and all aspects of production.
Water treatment
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Welcome to buy high quality customized mmo mesh dsa coated rod titanium battery anode electrode for seawater saltwater electrochlorination water treatment and swimming pool disinfection system from Howah Industry which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Constantly introducing advanced technology and equipment, our factory is able to offer you anode products with extremely high electrochemical performance, large capacity and lasting service time at competitive price.
If you are interested in our products or you have any questions ,please contact with me,i am Erin,i will give you the best servive,
What up:+8615029035402
Skype:Erin WangWater Treatment Anodes suppliers

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