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What a Fiber Laser Marking Machine Can Do For You



What a Fiber Laser Marking Machine Can Do For You
In this article, we are going to introduction the technology of Fiber Laser marking Machine, understand its scientific background, its applications, materials targeted and its challenges.

After reading this article, you should be able to discern how best to use this machine for your own applications.

Understanding Fiber Laser Marking
A fiber laser machine essentially has three main parts, including the pump, the resonator and the beam delivery system.

The pump comprises of laser diodes from which a light beam is emitted and transmitted through fiber optics to a resonator which contains what is known as the gain medium.

The resonator hosts the gain medium, which in simple terms is a fiber optics medium doped with rare earth elements.

The main differences between different fiber laser applications are based on the wavelengths produced, which determines the surfaces that each type can mark on.

Metal markers are mainly Ytterbium doped, giving them the wavelength that is needed for optimal absorptivity for material marking various metals and plastics.

The resonator combines the gain medium with a set of full and semi-reflecting bragg grating components, that allow for refraction, amplification and filtering light waves to get the right wavelength required for marking.

The filtered beam is then transmitted to the beam delivery system, which is simply a beam expander and a lens contained in a beam head. This is the ‘laser pen’ that does the marking

Flexibility is the main advantage of fiber laser marking, thereby making it the most preferred engraving and marking technique in the industry, due to its versatility in marking diverse materials.

The information marked can also be chosen freely, ranging from text, numbers, logos, codes, images and photos.

Color change is a common process used in Laser Marking.

The process provides high contrast labelling on any material without damaging its surface.

In this process, the laser heats the material at the precise intended areas, exciting atoms and vaporizing the required parts, thereby providing a high quality contrast color-change on the material.

Industrial Applications of Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Automotive industry

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