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Why Switch To Molded Pulp For Your Packaging?



Are you concerned with the amount of plastic you are using and wish to find ways to cut it down? One brilliant and creative solution is to replace plastic used in packaging with molded pulp, and Bonito packaging is the best molded pulp tray manufacturer in town.

Bonitopak has been manufacturing custom moulded pulp trays and packaging materials for internal safety and cushioning of products. Most of our products (which include trays as well as corner protection pieces among others) are used in the packaging of electronics, cosmetics, wine bottles, and a variety of other items.

The ethos of Bonitopak rests in producing eco-friendly and sustainable products to replace plastic because the company is dedicated to making packaging materials biodegradable. This article will introduce you to what molded pulp is, its environmental impact, and how Bonitopak’s unique take on molded pulp trays makes them a fashionable addition to your products as well.

Molded Pulp And Sustainability
The manufacture of molded pulp items for packaging has underscored the potential for sustainable growth for businesses in all industries across the world. Made from recycled paperboard or newsprint, molded pulp is a packaging material that is ideal for cushioning products, especially for travel.

Today molded pulp is used all across the globe for packaging purposes, such as drink holders and as food service trays among other non-edible items. With concerns over plastic waste increasing, replacing non-biodegradable and compostable products from use is becoming more and more imperative.

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