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Best Toddler Travel Bed Guide



Portable beds, as the name suggests, are those beds that are lightweight and easily mobile. Portable beds are used in places

where one cannot use large permanent beds. Portability and compactness is the main advantage of using these

beds. Portable beds are usually made of a foldable metal frame, plastic, or lightweight wood, which is covered

with linen, canvas, or nylon. The market for portable beds has been increasing considerably over the past few

years, owing to the small living space. Also, they are the best alternative for traditional beds because of

their multi-functionality and space-saving capability. 

Rapid urbanization has led to an increase in residential construction and has thereby increased the demand

for these beds among the residents. While the non-residential segment also contributes toward the growth of

portable beds, globally. Under the non-residential application, these beds are installed in hospitals, hotels,

restaurants, hostels, and healthcare centers. Portable beds are considered as the best choice when it comes to

living in a small place or studio apartment. Therefore, the market is projected to experience significant growth

in the coming years.

Top Impacting Factors: Market Scenario Analysis, Trends, Drivers and Impact Analysis

The global market growth of portable beds is mainly driven by the adoption of beds in populated cities all

over the world. Big and crowded cities like New York, Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo, and others have many people owning

small homes or baby playard.

Furthermore, the rise in number of nuclear families, rapid urbanization, fast-growing real estate industry, and

multi-functionality also regulate the market growth for the portable beds. 

However, fluctuating prices of the raw material required for the production of portable beds hamper the

market growth for this product. High cost leads to high prices, therefore, hindering the global market growth.

 The growing trend toward living in rented apartments, surge in

population owing to smaller living areas, penetration of online retail, and shift of customers toward

affordable, multifunctional, and smaller furniture propel the market growth. 

Furthermore, the manufacturers of portable beds are making efforts to bring innovation in the portable beds,

as per the need of the modern customer. For instance, manufacturers have made bookshelves that can be easily

transformed into a bed, coffee table, and even into a dining table. Various aesthetically appealing features

continue to fuel the market growth.

When you’re traveling as a couple any hotel room will do, as long as there’s a double bed.

Obviously, when you travel with kids the sleeping arrangements require a bit more planning, such as a

nursery cot, or bassinet. Once your kids are old

enough to sleep in a regular bed, you only need to make sure you can get an extra bed in the room. But while

they’re still young, bringing a travel toddler bed is usually a cheaper and better option. Choosing the best

portable toddler bed for your child isn’t an easy task, there are many different types available. This detailed

buying guide will make your choice for the best toddler travel bed a lot easier.

Most often you don’t have to pay for kids up until a certain age when using the existing beds. In other

words, young kids often get to stay for free in their parents room. Bringing your own kids travel bed gives you

the option to book a regular double room and still have a secure place for your kids to sleep. This opens up a

much wider (and cheaper!) range of accommodations to choose from.

What is a toddler travel bed? 

A toddler travel cot is a

toddler portable bed, made especially for travel purposes. It is lightweight and easy to transport. We’ll

discuss the many different kids travel bed options and our choice for the best travel beds for toddlers later in

this article. There are several types of toddler travel beds. You can choose between a fold up toddler bed, a

toddler air mattress or a pop-up toddler bed. Travel with kids really is much easier with the right gear! The

pros and cons of each type of travel beds for kids are discussed in the ‘Choosing a toddler travel bed’

section below.

While kids are flexible and generally easy to travel with, they like routine and predictability. It really

helped our son to have his own portable child bed. A small space in an unfamiliar environment that was his and

always the same. A kids portable bed is made specifically for travel. Kids travel beds are compact, lightweight

and easy to carry. And a portable bed for toddler use creates a secure sleeping area for your little one.

Do you need a toddler tra

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