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How Does a Rectifier Work?



How Does a Rectifier Work?
Rectifier, device that converts alternating electric current into direct current. It may be an electron tube (either a vacuum or a gaseous type), vibrator, solid-state device, or mechanical device. Direct current is necessary for the operation of many devices such as laptop computers, televisions, and certain power tools.

If only one polarity of an alternating current is used to produce a pulsating direct current, the process is called half-wave rectification. When both polarities are used, producing a continuous train of pulses, the process is called full-wave rectification.

You may wonder how power lines send electric currents across long distances for different purposes. And there are different «types» of electricity. The electricity that powers electric railway systems may not be appropriate for household appliances like phones and television sets. Rectifiers help by converting between these different types of electricity.

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